Name today’s most widely used operating systems for desktop PCs and servers

Common Operating Systems

Windows XP Professional

This is built upon the Windows 2000 architecture and ideal for business and advanced home computing.
Based on Windows NT technology, more stable and powerful than earlier versions of Windows; built on the Windows 9x kernel
Newest features are related to multimedia and communications
Available in five versions plus Starter Editions in other languages

Windows Server 2003

The most recent version of Windows designed for server use
Builds on the server version of Windows 2000 but is designed to be easier to deploy, manage, and use
Incorporates Microsoft .NET technology for connecting information, people, systems, and devices
Windows Vista: upcoming version of Windows


A free Unix style operating system originally created by Linus Torvalds with the assistance of developers around the world. This operating system is becoming very poplar with networking professionals. Software applications are widely available and are often free. Linux is also starting to develop a liking by advance home users as an alternative to Windows operating systems.

Mac OS

Name of operating system used by Macintosh computers. Originally, the Macintosh operating systems were called System x.xx (x represented the version numbers). System is no longer used since the release of Mac OS 8.

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