Describe several uses for communications technology.

1. Moblie Phones-cellular phones and satellite phones(when cell service isnt available) are used to talk to peolpe.
2. Paging- used for sending a person text messages to a persons pager.
3. Messaging-this is two way paging which usually takes place today by a moblie phone.
4. Global Postioning System (GPS)-this is usually found in cars but also used by the military,hikers etc. it uses satellites and a receiver to find exactly where the receiver is located.
5. Video Conferencing-this involves using technology to have meetings with others in different locations. there are different types: online conferencing,video phone calls,collaborative conferencing.
6. Telecommunicating-this involves individuals who work at home using communications technologies to communicate with their place of business and their clients. one type of this is Digital Data Distribution.
7. Telemedicine-this uses technology to provide medical information and services. one type of this is Telesurgery.

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