Chapter 3
Item 3

Two Main types of magnetic disk systems are: floppy disks and hard disks.

Floppy disks are a common removable storage medium in the past. They are not widely used today. The properties are low capacity, removable magnetic disk made of flexible plastic permanently sealed inside a hard plastic cover. Floppy disk characteristics are Holds 1.44 MB of data, disk organized into tracks, sectors, and clusters and all files take up at least one cluster of space on the disk.

Hard disks are included on nearly all PCs today. A storage system consisting of one or more metal magnetic disks permanently sealed with an access mechanism inside its drive. Hard drive characteristics are stores data magnetically, one or more disks made out of metal, disks are permanently sealed inside the hard drive to avoid contamination and to enable the disks to spin faster. If the PC is bumped while the hard drive is spinning or a foreign object gets onto the surface of the disk, a head crash occurs, which may permanently damage the hard drive.

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