5. Explain what flash memory media and flash memory drives are and how they are used today.

~No moving parts so more resistant to shock and vibration and require less power (solid state)

~Very small and so are very appropriate for use with digital cameras, digital music players, handheld PCs, notebook computers, smart phones, etc.

~Flash memory card—a small card containing flash memory chips and metal contacts to connect the card to the device or reader that it is being used with
Secure Digital (SD)
MultiMedia Card (MMC)
Memory Stick
Read by flash memory card reader

~Flash memory drives consist of flash memory media and a reader in a single self-contained unit
Typically portable drives that connect via a USB port
Also called USB mini drives, USB flash drives, thumb drives, jump drives, and key drives
Flash memory hard drives (solid state memory disks or SSDs) that use flash memory instead of magnetic media are also available

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