3. Discuss word processing and explain what kinds of documents are created using this type of program.

Word processing is one of the most widely used application programs today.Word processing is using a computer and word processing software to create, edit, save, and print written documents, such as letters, contracts, and manuscripts.
Actual commands and features vary somewhat from program to program. It is important to be familiar with the basic features of word processing and the general concept of what word processing enables you to do.
Like any document created with software instead of paper and pencil, word processing documents can be retrieved, modified, and printed as many times as needed; common word processors include

Microsoft Word
Corel WordPerfect
Lotus WordPro

Most word processing programs today include Web-related features, such as to:
Send a document as an e-mail message
Include Web page hyperlinks in documents
Create or modify Web pages
Optional file formats for documents created in many word processing programs include:
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Single file Web page or MHTML (MIME Hypertext Markup Language)

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