Q..Explain the difference between a LAN, a WAN, and a PAN, and between an intranet, an extranet, and a VPN.

LAN (Local Area Network) covers a relatively small geographical area,such as a home, office, or a school, whereas WAN (Wide Area Network) covers a large geographical area; may consist of 2 or more LAN'S, which could be relativly close 2 one anotehr (such as in the same city) or far apart. While PAN (Personal Area Network) connects personal devices for one individual.
An Intranet is a private network such a company LAN, set up by an organisation for use by its employees, whereas an Extranet is at least partially accessable by outside users
VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a group of secure paths over the internet that provide authorised users a secure means of accessing a private network via the internet.

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