Describe device and connection options for connecting to the internet, as well as some considerations to keep in mind when selecting an ISP:

Getting set up to use the internet involves 3 decisions.
1.) Determinng the type of device you will use to access the internet
2.) Selecting the type of connection desired.
3.) Deciding on the internet provider to be used.

Once these decisions have been made, your computer is ready to access the internet.
Possible devices include Desktop, Notebook, or Tablet PC's, Internet appliances and mobile devices.

Connections to the internet can be: Dial-Up, (PC's have to dial via a phone line in order to connect)
Direct, (continuously connected to the internet). These connections are usually broadband. Home broadband use is growing also.

There are various types of dial up connections. One of these is the conventional dial up. It can be quite slow but also quite cheap and ties up the phone line which can be a nuisance.

Another type is ISDN. It works faster but is more pricey, and does not tie up the phone line. It is used bu businesses more tha individuals.

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