Chapter 4 item 2
List several different pointing devices and describe their functions.

Pointing devices are input devices that moves an onscreen pointer to allow the user to choose objects on the screen.

The main types of pointing devices are:
1) The Mouse
2) The Electronic Pen
3) The Touch Screen

This is a device that theuser slides along a flat surface to allow them to point and choose items by clicking its buttons. Older mice have balls on the bottom of them whereas newer more modern ones use laser techniques. They can be wireless.

Electronic Pen:
These are used to select items on the screen aswel as to draw and write on the srceen.It is used to issue demands and input data into the computer. It is often found in airports, kiosks and is used at points of sale.

Touch Screen:
This is a display device that is touched to issue commands and to generate input into the pc.

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