2. Detail some concepts and commands that many software programs have in common.

Application programs today have a number of concepts and commands in common.

Editing a document (changing the content of the document)
Insertion point: indicates the current location in the document (where changes will take place)
Typing text will insert it
Delete and Backspace key will delete text
Text and objects can typically be selected to be moved, copied, deleted, or formatted

Formatting a document (changing the appearance of the document), such as:
Changing font face, size, style or color
Changing line spacing or margins
Adding page numbers or borders

Help for a software program includes:
Help built into the program
Table of Contents
Online help (via manufacturer’s Web site and independent sites)
Offline help (periodicals, books, tutorial videos, classes)

Word processing is one of the most widely used application programs today

Actual commands and features vary somewhat from program to program

Important to be familiar with the basic features of word processing and the general concept of what word processing enables you to do

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