General Characteristics of storage systems
Storage systems have specific characteristics:They are:

A storage meduim,what datais actually stored on. Example floppy disk, CD,DVD etc..
They can be removeable an non removeable from the storage device.

A storage device, a device into which storage medium is inserted to be used.Example floppy disk drive,CD or DVD drive etc..
Devices are identified by names or letters.
Can be internal, external or remote.

Nonvolatility: When power to the device is shut off,data stored on the medium remains.
This is in contrast to most of memory which are volatile.

Acesss, usually random but can be sequential.
Random Access(Direct):data can be retrived directly from any location on the storage medium,in any order.
Sequiental Access:data can only be retrived in the order in which it is physically stored on the medium(tape drive)

Logical file representation:refers to the users view of the way data is stored.
File:something stored on a storage medium such as a program
Filename:name given to a file by user

Phyiscal file representation:Actual physical way the data is stored on the storage media as viewed by the computer.

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