Understand how to effectively search for information on the internet and how to properly cite internet resources?

When searching the internet for sites, you should use web sites that have search engines, an example of a web site with a search engine would be www.google.com.
There are various ways to search for your desired website, such as, phrase searching, this is where you type in a sentence, e.g, " what are the symtoms of ashma". Another way would be key words, this is where you type in the word necessary to find the site, an example would be "ashma". Another way would be wild card searching, this is where if you cannot spell a word you try and get as close to the right spelling as is possible, the site that you want will come up. Another way of searching would be field searching, this is where you type in the site domain, page title,url,etc.
When you are citing a website resource you should name the author of the site, dates the site was made, date you retrieved information from that site, and most importantly the name of the web site.

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