Scanner and readers are devices used in source data automation.

A scanner is an input device that is able to read text and images and transfers these items to the computer. Items such as photos, drawings and documents may be scanned.

There are different types of readers.
1. Barcode readers: this is used for reading the barcodes on items in a shop
2. Radio frequency identification (RFID) readers: technology used to store and transmit data located in RFID tags.
3. Optical mark readers(OMR's): input data from special forms to score or tally exams, questionnaires, ballots etc.
4. Optical character recognition (OCR): identifies optical characters which are designed to be identifiable by both humans and the OCR device e.g. monthly bills
5. Biometric readers: based on unique physiological characteristics e.g. fingerprints, face, eyes etc.
6. Magnetic ink character recognition (MICR): used mainly by banks in sorting cheques.

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