Describe device and connection options for connecting to the Internet, as well as some considerations to keep in mind when selecting an ISP.

Devices that can be used for connecting to the internet include desktops, notebooks, and mobile devices. For each of these devices a connection is needed. For desktops a dial up connection via the phone line or a direct connecetion where the internet is always on are suitable. As Notebooks can be carried around from place to place a wireless connection like a Wi-Fi system would be appropiate. Mobile devices such as phones or handheld games can connect via 3G which is a wireless connection.

When one is selecting an ISP they should consider the following:
What are the Services like? (how much web space or email hard disk will I be entitled to), How fast will it be (both upstream and downstream speeds), How much support is available? (who can I can call if I have a problem? how long will I be on hold), How affordable is it? (free phone number? installation fees?)

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