Chapter6 Item2

Some concepts and commands that many software program have in common include command line interface or CLI . This is a method of interacting with an operating system or software using a command line interpreter.Basically A CLI is used whenever a large vocabulary of commands or queries, coupled with a wide range of options, can be entered more rapidly as text.Cli s are often used by programmers and system administrators, in engineering and scientific environments, and by technically advanced personal computer users.Another command which is used generaly for software is Cisco IOS.Cisco IOS has a characteristic command line interface (CLI), whose style has been widely copied by other networking products. The IOS CLI provides a fixed set of multiple-word commands the set available is determined by the "mode" and the privilege level of the current user. Cisco IOS versions are versioned using three numbers and some letters, in the general form.A third thing would be A job scheduler.A job scheduler is an enterprise software application that is in charge of unattended background executions, commonly known for historical reasons as batch processing.Most operating system platforms such as Unix and Windows provide basic job scheduling capabilities.The job scheduler main use is the processing of large batchs of info that helps stream to different sectors.Finally dBase which is the first widely used database management system (DBMS) for microcomputers.

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