Chapter 6 Item 1

Q.Describe what application software is, the different types of ownership rights, and the difference between installed and Web-based software.

Ans. A tool for the deployment of software onto servers and other network resources provides a mechanism for parties that do not manage the operation of the servers to deploy new software. The new software is uploaded into an update directory, and a cut-over process is carried out whereby the contents of a live directory, where the currently-executing version of the software is stored, is synchronized with the update directory. Prior to this synchronization, the current state of the live directory is stored in a rollback directory. After the cut-over process, the live directory of the server becomes the source for deployment of the software to update directories in other servers. If the new version of the software is not operating to satisfaction, the information in the rollback directory is used to return the server to the prior version of the software while the new software is being revised.

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